Frequently Asked Questions

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Click here for the full list of Participating Products.

Purchases of any qualifying Danone® products can be made from August 5th to September 25th, 2023.

Participants with a qualifying receipt will have until 11:59:59 P.M. EST on September 25th, 2023.

The Reward is one (1) Legendary Lunchbox with a pair of Legendary Sticker Sheets and is valued between $15.00 - $30.00 CDN, depending on cumulative dollars spent and verified on qualifying products. See chart below.

Reward levelAccumulated Total Spend, required in Participating Products
(after the application of any coupons, discounts, and before taxes)
Eligible Reward amount
First$15.00 CDN Total Spend One (1) Legendary Lunchbox with One (1) Pair of Legendary Stickers valued at $25.00
Second$30.00 CDN Total Spend Two (2) Legendary Lunchboxes with Two (2) Pairs of Legendary Stickers valued at $50.00

Limit Two Rewards per person per household.

Rewards will be sent by mail within an eight(8) – ten (10) week period after the contest close date, September 26th, 2023. Rewards will be sent by mail on or about November 20th, 2023.

A redeem is a formal request to receive your qualified reward, a legendary lunchbox. This request can be made between August 5th, 2023 and September 25th, 2023. You can do so on the my rewards page, click on the redeem button and follow the prompts. A participant can only redeem once in the program, so make sure you are all done with your purchases and have uploaded all of your receipts, before redeeming!

Once an uploaded receipt is processed, upon validation, an e-mail will be sent with the confirmation of the receipt spend. A link to the My Rewards page will be provided. This link can be accessed from the email or the My Rewards tab on the website. On the My Rewards page, you can view your current spend on qualifying products and earned reward level.